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Lack Of Blogging Motivation

by MGD King February 2, 2014

OK, I admit it, I haven't been too excited to post anything on here in quite some time. I know that there's a new update to that I could install, and I know that I could create a new theme for it (or at least update the ones that I have created) but I'm just not finding the motivation.

I have several excuses. For starters, my job takes up so much of my time, and any free time I have available I been devoting to my family as well as getting healthier with exercise and a better diet. (Hmmm.... maybe there's a future post idea?) And what little free time I have I've been working on other projects, which are Wordpress sites, so I'm "rusty" when it comes to BlogEngine.

But maybe I'll get fired up again and get "back in the game" when it comes to BlogEngine. Maybe I should have made a New Year's resolution to do that?


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What Do I Think About The BlackBerry Z10?

by MGD King April 26, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 - Click To EnlargeThere are plenty of reviews of the new BlackBerry Z10 available but I wanted to take a few minutes and post about my personal experience with it. I've been using different BlackBerry devices where I work for years and while there were some duds in the group (remember the Storm?) there were some great devices. My personal favorite was the BlackBerry Bold 9930. The only thing that prevented that device from being perfect was that it wasn’t 4G capable so when news started surfacing about the Z10 I knew that it had a lot to live up to. Plus, BlackBerry is already under pressure to try and stay afloat as a business, but that’s already been well documented elsewhere so we all know that the pressure is on to deliver a device that can compete. More...

New Twitter Widget For BlogEngine

by MGD King October 26, 2012

In case you haven't heard, Twitter has done away with RSS for the user timelines and that breaks the current Twitter widget for BlogEngine. However, Ashok Raja created a new BlogEngine widget that utilizes the new Twitter API! You can download it directly from the BlogEngine Gallery or from Ashok's website. Better still, you can install it directly from your Admin Panel in BlogEngine!

As you can see by the Twitter feed to the right, it works great! Easy to customize what displayed from Twitter by following the Dev Documentation from Twitter. So if you use the Twitter widget with BlogEngine, it's worth the little bit of time and effort it takes to install Ashok's widget! Awesome job Ashok!

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Minor BlogEngine Customizations

by MGD King October 18, 2012

I needed to make some changes to how serves up pages and posts. Basically, by default, links are like this:


I wanted to change them to look like this:


I'm not a Visual Studio or .NET developer, I know enough about each to be dangerous really. So I started digging around in a couple of files with Visual Studio and foud out how to do it. All I have to do is edit the following:

Open the entire BlogEngine solution (BlogEngine.sln) and browse to BlogEngine.Core and then the Web/HttpModules subfolder. Open the UrlRewrite.csfile. Look for the line


and change it to whatever you want it to be. I'm going use bacon in my example so mine would look like


Next, look for line 

else if (urlContainsFileExtension && url.Contains("/PAGE/"))

and change the word PAGE to whatever you changed it to above. In my example it would be

else if (urlContainsFileExtension && url.Contains("/BACON/")).

Now, still in Visual Studio, browse to the Web subfolder and open the Page.cs file. Look for the line

return string.Format("{0}page/{1}", Utils.RelativeWebRoot, theslug);

and change the word page to match what you used above. Mine now looks like

return string.Format("{0}bacon/{1}", Utils.RelativeWebRoot, theslug);

and then I save the two files. You must rebuild your solution or else the changes won't take effect. Links to pages will now look like this:


You can also make changes to the Post.cs file and Category.cs file the same way. Just make sure that you edit the UrlRewrite.cs file as well. Pretty cool huh!

I Should Know Better!

by MGD King August 2, 2012

OK, I've learned my lesson! I need to make backups of my site more often!

So my webserver went down a few days ago, and fortunately I had a backup. However, it was quite a bit older that I thought I had on hand so now I've lost a few posts. Nothing major, just annoying as hell because I should know better! Yes, it's been quite some time since I've posted anything serious so I'm not missing a whole bunch of stuff, but still, I should know better!

But the good news is that I'm back up and running! And now that I am, maybe I'll start posting more. Somebody's got to be reading this, right? LOL


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