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Updated To BlogEngine 3.0

by MGD King September 13, 2014 2:53 PM

Well, I went and bit the bullet and upgraded to BlogEngine 3.0. Technically, I upgraded to by downloading the source code and compiling it myself using Visual Studio 2012.

After compiling it, I removed all of the old files and folders except for the App_Data folder as instructed by the upgrade documents, but upon launching of the new version I had problems with some items not displaying, more specifically the Admin panel wasn't displaying properly. I had to delete all of the previous contents of my App_Data folder and use the stock files in order to get the Admin panel to work. Then I manually copied over my Posts, Pages,  and Files directories and then manually set up all of my widgets.

One thing that I was having issues with was viewing the images in the widgets while logged in. You know, the move, edit, and delete images, and it didn't matter what theme I used. Turns out I had forgotten to delete my original Themes directory from the root of the installation that was used in version 2.8. After deleting that folder those images began to appear.

I had an extension to link to Facebook and Twitter, but I'll have to update it for 3.0 since BlogEngine now runs as a web application. Looks like I'll be getting a crash course in Visual Studio 2012 other than just compiling the builds.

I've decided to stick with the Standard Theme that comes packaged with BlogEngine 3.0 as it has a fresh look to it and it's a responsive theme that works very well with phones and tablets. And, to be hones, I'm getting tired of my themes. I'm starting to feel a little bit of motivation to create a new one. I've always wanted an iron/metal theme, maybe now's the time. :)

Anyone have any ideas for a theme?

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