Snowstorm? What Snowstorm?

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Snowstorm? What Snowstorm?

by MGD King January 28, 2010 7:01 PM

So the big snowstorm of 2010 is coming to middle Tennesse? I say BRING IT ON!!! Show these people what a real snowstorm is!! I remember when I was in 3rd grade my unlces had to come and rescue me and my siblings from school because the buses couldn't move! THAT'S a snowstorm!!!

I grew up in Northwest Indiana. The year was 1978 and I'll never forget it! I remember going to school that morning and there wasn't a snowflake on the ground to be found- totally bare. It started snowing after we got settled into the classroom and by 9 AM, just a little over and hour and a half from getting there, the snow was piling up fast on the ground. By 10 AM they were assembling all of us students in the gym and the roads were already too dangerous to drive on with the school buses. And this is in an area where bus drivers are used to driving in the snow and they couldn't get us out!!

A couple of hours passed and two of my unlces (who, at the time seemed fearless) came to rescue me, my two younger brothers, and two older sisters in a 4 wheel drive truck. They were my heros that day because not only did they manage to pick us up, but the managed to get the 5 of us kids in the cab of that pick-up with them! Granted we were small, and there weren't any seatbelt laws in 1978, but it still seemed like an amazing feat!

We managed to get a week off of school then, longest stretch that I can remember getting off of school! Snow was halfway up the windows of the house, and where it was drifting from the wind was up to the roof of the house. I'll never forget the site of a payloader clearing the road next to our house!

Yeah, that is a snowstorm! They're predicting "... WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 6 AM FRIDAY TO 6 AM CST SATURDAY... * MAIN IMPACT: ON FRIDAY... 1-4 INCHES OF SNOW. ONE-QUARTER TO ONE- HALF INCH OF ICE. * FRIDAY NIGHT... 2-4 ADDITIONAL INCHES OF SNOW. ONE-QUARTER INCH OF ICE." here in middle Tenenssee. If it's anywhere near that, in this area where people aren't used to it, it will be interesting to say the least! But will it match the blizzard of '78? We'll know Saturday when it's all over.

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