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Windows Live Writer and

by MGD King January 21, 2009 4:54 PM

As if wasn’t easy enough to use, I happened to stumble across a nifty little application that has a pretty good following in the blogging community called Windows Live Writer. Yes, I admit to being still “wet behind the ears” when it comes to blogging so excuse my excitement, but with this application I no longer need to log in to my blog and create a post.

It has a built in spell check (nice!), and all of the formatting features that you’d come to expect from a word processing application.WLR works with many different blogging applications so it’s very flexible. I’m just scratching the surface with it, in fact, this is my first post using it, so I’m sure I’ll find out some other neat little tricks that it can do.

I had to upgrade my installation to a prerelease “source code” version, but it’s well worth it because I get some new features like the ability to add tags so that handles them the way that it would if I was using the normal posting method, and overall, this new installation seem a lot faster when it comes to rendering the pages you see. Yeah, I’m pumped! LOL

Now I would love to get this working on MGDQueen’s blog, but  her blog uses WordPress 2.7 and there appears to be some issues with how WP 2.7 handles the XML parsing. I hope they get a fix for it soon because I think she’ll enjoy the ease of use of Windows Live Writer.

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