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Pet Peeves

by MGD King December 04, 2008 5:20 PM

I've been on this rock for 38 years now (damn! I feel old!) and if you're like me then there's some things that just annoy the crap out of ya. Some are small and really meaningless while others cause my blood to boil!

So here's my breakdown of things that just bug me (in no particular order of irritation)!


I'm talking about the type that are installed on web browsers and how it seems every piece of software that you want to download and install asks if you'd like to install a nifty toolbar to "help with your browsing experience". Java updates and Adobe Acrobat Reader are the two that come to mind first (and the ones that annoy me the most) and if you're not careful, you'll inadvertently install those little suckers because they're sneaky about asking you if you want to opt out by automatically checking YES for you. What kind of crap is that?!?! If I wanted those things, I would have installed them by now! Don't ask me every time if I want them! I don't so leave me alone!

Windshield Wipers

I know, what a rediculous thing to be annoyed by but I hate to see a parked car with the windshield wipers half way through a swipe of a windshield when someone was in too big a hurry to turn them off when they stopped. Please, wait a few extra seconds and wait for them to stop before you turn off your car.

Ladies, Put Your Makeup On At Home, Please.

It's bad enough that people talk on their cell phones while driving. I do it (with the help of a new Bluetooth headset!) and I know that I really shouldn't do it, so I'm OK with people talking on the phone while driving. But what I'm not OK with is seeing a woman driving down the road, probably late for work, with one hand holding something and the other hand flicking something on her eye lashes while looking at the rear view mirror!! Seriuosly?!?! Couldn't you have done that at home or maybe at your destination? Or do you just want to look good for the police and (hopefully not) ambulance driver when they look at you at the scene of the crash? Just wondering. Maybe you should just set your clock 5 minutes earlier than what you currently have it set for?

Bed Has To Be Made

Speaking of getting up in the morning, I have to make the bed! Maybe not me personally (although I do it most days just because I kind of like doing it; kind of gives me a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning) but the bed has to be made. To me it feels like when I climb in at night to go to sleep it has that "day funk" on it and it just isn't very comfy that way. You bet it's weird!

Oh No! My Exit!!

You've seen them, you may even be one of them, but they hang out in the left lane as long as possible and then realize that their missing their exit. It's at that very instant that they decide to cut over two or more lanes of traffic regardless of who or what's beside/behind them. Drives me nuts when people do that! Another similar way to get to an exit that annoys the daylights out of me is when I've been sitting in the turning lane for a few minutes, creeping along slowly and traffic is really backed up. The lane to the left of me is moving right along and some bonehead decides to ride the empty lane up to the exit and cut right in front of me!! Hello?!?!?! Wait your turn assclown!!!

Cold Sales Calls

In my line of work I receive a lot of calls from Salespeople trying to make their quota for the month. Look, I totally understand that you're trying to make a living and you're just wondering if I would be interested in your product but the chances are no, I'm not, or else I would have contacted you to find out more information! I can always tell that it's getting closer to the end of the month because my phone starts ringing off the desk! And it gets even worse towards the end of the fiscal and calendar years! Look, I'm all set on toner/print cartridges. I don't need any office supplies. I don't need to renew a software maintenance program for a product I'm no longer using. But, in the event I ever do I know where to go: the ever trusty search engine! I'll look up your company's website and call you or I'll go to the local office supply store, or I'll call a vendor that I trust and have worked with in the past. That's what I'm comfortable with.

Improperly Mixed Soda Fountains

Don't you hate it when you put your drink cup under the nozzle and push the button/lever and fill 'er up and then take a drink to find out that there's not enough syrup or too much of it? Kind of taints the cup for me because even if I pour it out, there's improperly mixed soda residue left behind and that just makes the next fill taste funny. (Yeah, this one's weird too!) And doesn't it always seem to happen when you feel like you could drink a swimming pool's worth because you're so thirsty? Maybe it's just my luck. LOL

There's more things that annoy me, but these are the biggest ones that make me cringe. If you agree with any of them let me know and if you don't, let me know anyway.

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Slappy Jones
12/6/2008 7:06:43 PM #

Now that is some funny shit King.

I hate making the bed. Seems silly knowing that Im gonna mess it up again in 12 hrs!


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