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Lights That Work

by MGD King December 08, 2008 5:40 PM

I decided to get into the Holidays by decorating my office at work, and I figured if I'm going to decorate I might as well go all out and hang some lights along with some cool Santa stuff. My wife (MGDQueen), who's definitely the decorator in the family, wanted to help and so we spent some time over the weekend dressing up my office. We hung some Christmas lights, decorated my desk to look like a giant gift, hung a Santa Claus on the door, even put a little tree (with lights!) on my desk.

All was well with this scenario when I came in this morning. Everyone was complementing on how it looked and I think I successfully shed the "Scrooge" image everyone thought I had. Yes, I get grumpy from time to time at the office, but who doesn't, right? LOL

As luck would have it, I smashed one of the bulbs in one of the strands of lights. I unplugged lights, pulled the damaged bulb, replaced it, and when I plugged the lights back in, half of another strand didn't work! Now these are brand new lights, fresh out of the packaging that we installed! Can't anyone make some Christmas lights that work?!?! Please Give Me Some Lights That Work!

Apparently not because as MGDQueen was putting brand new lights on the tree at home that she just purchased not more than hour before, she plugged in a set that only half worked!! To make matters worse she took them back and purchased a few more sets of lights and wouldn't you know it? Another bad strand of lights in a brand new box!!! I know you get what you pay for but c'mon! Can't someone make a product that works, especially during Christmas time? I'd even pay a little extra for it! It's hard to get into the Holiday Spirit when you're frustrated with lights! Maybe Scrooge was on to something after all!

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12/10/2008 8:33:16 PM #

Know your pain, that's why we finally said "to hell with it" and bought a prelit tree 2 years ago. Greatest thing we ever did!


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