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The King of MGD!A lot of people ask me what does MGD King mean? Well, it was a nickname given to me because I used to drink large quantities of Miller Genuine Draft. Someone mentioned to me that I was the King of MGD, and so it stuck.


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Lack Of Blogging Motivation

by MGD King February 02, 2014 8:12 AM

OK, I admit it, I haven't been too excited to post anything on here in quite some time. I know that there's a new update to that I could install, and I know that I could create a new theme for it (or at least update the ones that I have created) but I'm just not finding the motivation.

I have several excuses. For starters, my job takes up so much of my time, and any free time I have available I been devoting to my family as well as getting healthier with exercise and a better diet. (Hmmm.... maybe there's a future post idea?) And what little free time I have I've been working on other projects, which are Wordpress sites, so I'm "rusty" when it comes to BlogEngine.

But maybe I'll get fired up again and get "back in the game" when it comes to BlogEngine. Maybe I should have made a New Year's resolution to do that?

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