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If I Was In Charge Of NASCAR

by MGD King April 19, 2009 9:08 PM

Fox Sports Broadcaster Larry McReynolds stated that NASCAR needs to address a few issues and I couldn’t agree more. While I agree with changing the “Car of Tomorrow” (or COT as it’s been called) to make it more “racy”, and doing away with the Top 35 Owner Points rule which states that those car owners who are in the top 35 in standings automatically get into the race, I think there’s some things that need to change and if I was in charge of NASCAR, these are the changes I’d make.

No More Top 35

Let’s put some emphasis on qualifying! If Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Tony Stewart, or Denny Hamlin don’t qualify in the starting grid of 43 drivers, guess what? They go home! This gives everyone a fair try at attempting to make the race. As it stands now with the Top 35 rule, there’s a bunch of drivers that must qualify on time. Make everyone qualify on time!

I know what everyone’s thinking… “if a driver doesn’t qualify then that ruins his chances for a Championship.” You know what? You’re right, and it should! A Champion should be awarded for consistency throughout the entire season, and that would include making it into the race in the first place!

Change The Points Structure

While we’re talking about Championships, let’s address the points and how their awarded. First, more points need to be given to the winner of the race. That’s what they’re there to do, win a race, not ride around and be happy with a top 5 finish because it’s good for points. I say give the winner of the race 200 points and then 2nd place would receive 150. Each finishing position from 2nd through 28th would be separated by 5 points. Finishers in 29th through 43rd would be separated by 1 point. Let’s keep the 5 bonus points for leading a lap and the extra 5 for leading the most laps, but can you imagine what it would be like? It would definitely shake up the points system because it would make drivers want the next position that much more all the way through.

Chase This!

I kind of like the idea of the Chase for the Cup, so I don’t want to see it go, but I would like to see it changed. First off, let’s make it 10 drivers in the Chase, not 12. I firmly believe that NASCAR put 12 in there just to make sure that a certain popular driver would get in when he failed to make it one year because he finished 12th in the standings. Guess where he finished the year that they made it 12 cars eligible for the Chase? Outside the top 12!

But anyway, back to my ideas because I have two. The first one would involve a different point scale for the chase participants. The highest finisher among the chasers gets 10, second highest gets 9, so forth and so on through the finishing order. I think that this would make it so that those in the chase would have to race each other a little harder adding a little more excitement.

The second idea I have for the chase would involve elimination. All 10 drivers start the chase with the same amount of points, let’s say 5,000 to make it easy. The driver at the bottom of the chase after the first chase race (lowest finisher among chase contenders) is out of the chase. Keep this up until the last race of the season when there’s only 2 guys fighting for the final spot. Add into consideration my new qualifying rule and then you have some real excitement!

Right Turn, Clyde.

Yes, all of those left-hand turns get old after awhile, and yes, they do race two road courses each season, but what if they made more right-hand turns? If I was in charge of NASCAR, I have a way to solve that problem! When the series has two dates at a single track, the second race must be run clockwise! How’s that for excitement!? Talk about strategies and set ups! Sure, teams would hate it and it would cost them boatloads of money but you know that the fans would love it! Can you imagine the night race at Bristol running backwards like that? Sparks would definitely be flying!

But Aren’t They Stock Cars?

Yes they are, but that’s only their name. When’s the last time you saw a shoebox on wheels like that rolling down the street? Remember what the race cars looked like all the way up through the mid-90’s? They actually resembled what you saw on the streets! In fact, manufacturers put a lot of R&D into building the cars sold at dealerships to be more racy on the track. So let’s change the COT to make it more identifiable with what we see on the street. I’m not saying getting rid of it all together because it is a safer, stronger car, but I’m still not convinced the racing in it is any good not to mention it is one ugly car. Giving back the identity that the manufacturers have and that the fans identify with is paramount. And while we’re at it, let’s take some horsepower away and make them more “stock”.

Here’s an idea! Make the manufacturers bring the cars to the track! Picture this for a second: Kyle Busch arrives at the track on Friday and walks over to the Toyota tent where he picks a set of keys out of a bowl to one of a dozen Camry’s that Toyota has brought to the track. The team gets two hours to make necessary safety modifications, give it sponsor graphics/paint/numbers, and a few limited performance modifications. Kyle then practices in the car on Friday, qualifies on Saturday, and races the car on Sunday! How’s that for being a stock car?! What? The races will take too long because they’re not as fast? No problem! Shorten the races! Is it really necessary to run 500 miles at every 1.5 mile “cookie-cutter” track they visit?

Keep Dreaming

I will continue watching NASCAR because, to me, it is still exciting to watch. But like Larry Mac mentioned, I think that there’s room for improvement or else fans will lose interest (some of the “old-timer fans already have) With my new rules there would be plenty of action, plenty of on track drama, plenty of exciting racing and plenty for the fans to stay excited about.

Or not.

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