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FaceBook Like Extension Issue?

by MGD King October 13, 2011 4:19 PM

It was recently brought to my attention that there is an issue with the FaceBook Like Extension that I have available for BlogEngine. Some users have reported that after they download and install the extension they get an error that says "Country[Not specified]" when posting to FaceBook. With the help of markm75 and anil21_22gupta and whoever set up the Demo site we used for troubleshooting (THANKS AGAIN!!!) we were able to determine a few things that may help you troublshoot if you ever run across this issue.

The issue happens because of a couple of things, but primarily it revolves around the Country Chooser option in your Comments Settings. If it is enabled and you do not put any text in the Excerpt field when making a post (which becomes the post's <description> tag) then FaceBook cannot determine what the "Country[Not specified]" entry is when parsing the HTML from the rendered page because by default the parser is looking for that <description> tag. If it cannot find it, the parser then parses from the body of the post and can't determine what the heck "Country[Not specified]" is.

There's two work arounds that I know of. One, the simplest, disable the Country Chooser in your Comments Settings. Or two, always make sure you put in text in the Experpt field to create the <description> tag. The reason I say one is the simplest is because I rarely use the Excerpt field and might forget to put text in it because I don't use the Country Chooser option. It's just not important to me, although it may be to others and that's why I'm offering the work arounds.

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