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by MGD King April 15, 2009 8:17 PM

The latest release of  was officially released yesterday after spending a week or so in Release Candidate state and it’s version 1.5. There’s a couple of great new items like nested comments, improved Metaweblog API which works great with Windows Live Writer as well as some performance tune-ups. Is it worth upgrading from 1.4.5? You bet! You should do it now as a matter of fact!

However, the official release (build 1.5.07), even after spending time as a RC, had a few minor problems, none of which are deal breakers in my opinion.

One issue that wasn’t noticeable to most users, in fact only one person mentioned it, so it wasn’t that big of an issue to begin with, but the team released a fix for it today! In fact, they added a couple of other fixes to today’s build (build 1.5.08) that I didn’t even know where issues. That just goes to show how dedicated this team is in making a better blogging platform.

As always updating to the latest release is pretty straightforward. All I did to my installation was logged on to my FTP session, delete all of the files and folders MINUS my robots.txt file and the App_Data, Themes,  and any extensions’ folders that I have installed. Normally I just overwrite existing files and folders (other than what I mentioned earlier) because it’s easiest but I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any rogue files from previous builds interfering.

So now comes the agonizing part, waiting for another update. I’m curious to know what the road map for is. There’s been several requests for an improved Administration section while others have asked for some type of photo gallery built in. I can’t wait to find out what’s next!

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