New Twitter Widget For BlogEngine

by MGD King October 26, 2012
Twitter changed the rules... someone changed the widget... all is good in the BlogEngine world. [More]

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Minor BlogEngine Customizations

by MGD King October 18, 2012
Some minor customization for BlogEngine to change how pages and posts are servered and linked. [More]

I Should Know Better!

by MGD King August 2, 2012
OK, I've learned my lesson! I need to make backups of my site more often! So my webserver went down a few days ago, and fortunately I had a backup. However, it was quite a bit older that I thought I had on hand so now I've lost a few posts. Nothing major, just annoyin... [More]


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New Theme: Jacob's Ladder

by MGD King October 18, 2011
Jacob's Ladder is a theme inspired by a picture of clouds I took from my patio one day. In fact, that picture became the background for the theme. [More]

FaceBook Like Extension Issue?

by MGD King October 13, 2011
It was recently brought to my attention that there is an issue with the FaceBook Like Extension that I have available for BlogEngine. Some users have reported that after they download and install the extension they get an error that says "Country[Not specifie... [More]

Who Is MGD King?

MGD KingA lot of people ask me what does MGD King mean? Well, it was a nickname given to me because I used to drink large quantities of Miller Genuine Draft. Someone mentioned to me that I was the King of MGD, and so it stuck.

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